Commercial tools with PLC hardware support

EcoStruxure Automation Expert(

    With EcoStruxure Automation Expert, you can Improve your entire lifecycle and reimagine automation, decouple the automation application from the runtime hardware for remarkable agility, native IT/OT convergence to easily integrate advanced IT applications, tools, and technologies for industrial use, and Asset-centric design with ready-to-use asset models to eliminate low.

NxT Technology(

    The toolchain consisting of IDE, runtime, libraries, HMI, and services provides solution for distributed systems thanks to engineering independent of the control hardware and thanks to seamless integration of control and HMI/SCADA. These benefits are available for OEM customers as well. A customer-specific integration enables unique OEM products.


    A web-based IDE that offers Integrated PLC Programming and HMI Design, One Click for System Deployment, Integrated SCADA features and Data Management, and Unified Component-Based Design


    SaGRAF released ISaGRAF version 6.1 of its IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products. ISaGRAF 6.1 has a new workbench, and version 5.3 of the C5 firmware. Now based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it offers improved speed, a new and improved user interface, and enhanced windows docking and package management.

Open source tools

Eclipse 4diac(

    Eclipse 4diac™ provides an open-source infrastructure for distributed industrial process measurement and control systems based on the IEC 61499 standard. 4diac includes IDE, runtime, library, and complete examples.


    The FBench is the ongoing development of an open-source graphical software tool for embedded automation components and systems based on the IEC 61499 standard. The project originates from the OOONEIDA Workbench pioneered by Dr. James Christensen in 2005.


    ICARU_FB can run IEC 61499 standard on 8-bit microcontrollers and 32-bit computers. The main requirements of the standard as portability, interoperability and configurability are our focus. Currently ICARU_FB can run on an Arduino ATmega2560 or Windows operating system.


    ASR-FBE is a IEC 61499 Function Block and Function Block Network editor and Run-Time Environment. Edited/created structures can be loaded/saved in XML format. The current version runs on Windows platform and includes the necessary libraries already compiled. Tested on XP / 32 bits and 7 / 64 bits.

Academic and Research Development

Function Block Development Kit(

    An IDE developed James Christensen and the first fully compliant IEC 61499 IDE and runtime. Both IDE and runtime are based on Java.

CORFU Framework(

    CORFU is an IEC 61499 compliant environment for the development of Function Block based distributed Industrial-Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCSs).