2015: IEC 61499 is used by NOJA Power - a major vendor of switchgear for power distribution systems. More news here.

2014: Loytec is now compliant with IEC 61499.

2014: B-Control alliance released a comprehensive hardware solution for building automation programmed entirely with IEC 61499

2014:  nxtControl has implemented a solution for LEGO Mindstorms (TM) -- visit web-site to download tools and start playing with IEC 61499!

2014: The version 2.1 of the NxtOne tool (nxtControl) supports the full range of IEC 61131-3 languages, providing complete integration of both standards and migration pathway.

2014: German edition (Deutsche ausgabe) of IEC 61499 book is available for order. The book is completely reworked to provide all tutorial material based on the commercial tool NxtOne from nxtControl.

2013: There are rumors of ISaGRAF made a deal with a large vendor of HVAC equipment that requires hundreds of thousands of IEC 61499 compliant runtimes per year.

2012: Infoteam has become ISaGRAF's representative in Germany using a customised version ot its IDE.

2012: ISaGRAF released a new generation of IDE v.6.1 that is higly configurable and customisable.